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House Specialty
The Londoner - $14
Roast beef, red peppers, cheddar, dijon, and caramelized onions
on ciabatta
el conquistador - $14
roast pork loin, cheddar, fig jam,
guacamole, red peppers,
and hot peppers in a wrap
Fresh salmon - $15
with aioli, tomatoes,
and greens on ciabatta
Corned beef reuben - $13
with swiss, 1000 island dressing,
and sauerkraut on rye
slow roast beef - $14
with bleu cheese, red onions,
tomatoes, aioli, balsamic,
and greens on rye
roast pork loin - $14
with cheddar and aioli on baguette
the scotsman - $15
smoked salmon, goat cheese,
tomatoes, red onions, balsamic,
and greens in a wrap
Italian Style
The Sicilian - $14
Capicola, Soprasata, Provolone,
and Hot Peppers on Ciabatta
Prosciutto di Parma - $14
Prosciutto, Fresh Mozzarella,
Fresh Basil, Red Peppers, EVOO,
Balsamic, and Greens on Ciabatta
Homemade Meatball - $13
Our Homemade Meatballs,
Provolone, Homemade Marinara,
on Ciabatta
Euro Cold Cut - $13
Capicola, Soprasata, Provolone,
Tomatoes, Onions, Red Peppers,
and Greens on Ciabatta
Italian Tuna Salad - $12
Italian Style with Balsamic, EVOO,
Red Onions, and Greens on Wheat

spanish garden - $13
grilled zucchini, taleggio, tomatoes, roast eggplant,
and greens on ciabatta
tuscan hills - $13
artichokes, fresh basil,
tomatoes, taleggio,
and Greens on Ciabatta
veggie delight - $12
hummus, artichokes, tomatoes,
red peppers, fresh basil,
on ciabatta
fresh mozzarella - $13
with tomatoes, fresh basil,
red peppers, evoo, balsamic,
and Greens on Ciabatta
chianti wrap - $13
tuscan white beans, tomatoes,
red onion, cheddar and greens
grilled eggplant - $13
with artichoke, tuscan olives,
feta, red peppers,
and greens on ciabatta
le fromage - $12 
provolone, swiss, cheddar,
aioli, tomatoes, red peppers,
and fresh basil on ciabatta


house salad - $12
tomatoes, red peppers, walnuts,
dried cranberries, red onions,
granny smith apples, parmesan,
on greens with balsamic dressing
...add chicken - $3
...add salmon - $6
classic caesar - $12
hearts of romaine, red onions,
parmesan, with caesar dressing
...add chicken - $9.95
smoked salmon - $17
norwegian salmon, goat cheese,
red peppers, grilled zucchini,
tomatoes, red onions,
on greens with balsamic dressing
chicken apple avocado - $15
roast chicken, guacamole
granny smith apples, walnuts
dried cranberries, tomatoes,
caramelized onions, on greens
with bleu cheese dressing
beef and bleu - $15
slow roast beef, bleu cheese,
granny smith apples, walnuts,
dried cranberries, tomatoes,
on greens with parmesan peppercorn dressing
classic greek - $12
artichokes, kalamata olives,
tomatoes, red onions, dolmas,
grilled zucchini, feta, on greens
with balsamic dressing
calabrese - $13
fresh mozzarella, roma tomatoes, fresh basil, on greens with 
evoo and balsamic
italian tuna - $15
granny smith apples, red onions
guacamole, grilled zucchini,
roma tomatoes, on greens
with balsamic dressing
tuscan white bean - $13
tuscan white beans, tomatoes,
red onion, cheddar, guacamole 
granny smith apples, on greens
with evoo and balsamic
The Birds
Arc de Triomphe - $13
Roast Turkey, Bacon, Brie, 
and Aioli on Baguette
Chicken Salad - $13
with Granny Smith Apples, Aioli,
and Greens on Ciabatta
Euro Turkey Club - $13
Roast Turkey, Swiss, Bacon, Aioli,
Tomatoes, Red Onions,
and Romaine on Ciabatta
Italian Picnic - $13
Roast Turkey, Tellagio, Aioli,
Granny Smith Apples,
and Fig Jam on Baguette
Marinated Chicken - $14
with Goat Cheese, Hummus,
Red Onions, Tomatoes, Artichokes,
and Greens on Ciabatta
Peppered Turkey - $13
Roast Turkey, Swiss, Dijon, Tomatoes,
and Red Onions, on Baguette


diet coke
dr. pepper


pesto pasta
cous cous
kale salad
potato salad
tuscan white bean 
potato chips

lola's cupcakes

strawberry shortcake
cookies & cream
red velvet
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